CM von Hausswolff


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Lampo is thrilled to bring CM von Hausswolff from Stockholm to Chicago, for his first local performance in more than ten years.

He presents his two-part, process-oriented intermedia project called Circulating Over Square Oceans for sound and video, sonar and radar, custom built twin-oscillators, DAT-tapes and microphones sensitive to electro-magnetic energy.

Carl Michael von Hausswolff (b.1956, Linköping, Sweden) is known internationally as a musician and installation artist. The application of modern sound technology and the electronic transformation of information are crucial to his work. His performances and installations have been included in many important sound art exhibitions, including “Volume” at PS1 in N.Y.C.; “Sonic Boom” at the Hayward Gallery in London; “Sound Art – Sound as Media” at the ICC in Tokyo; “Audible Light” at the Museum of Modern Art in Oxford and “Nuit Blanche” at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris. As a visual artist von Hausswolff has exhibited in large international shows such as Documenta X in Kassel and the biennials in Santa Fe, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Pusan and Los Angeles. von Hausswolff also is a freelance curator at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, and has put together exhibitions about Rune Lindblad, Leiff Elggren and acoustic researcher Friedrich Jurgenson.

In 1993, together with Leif Elggren, Hausswolff established the conceptual state of Elgaland-Vargaland with its own constitution, passport, national song, embassies and a coat of arms. The country is made up of all the border territories between countries, all areas outside countries’ territorial waters as well as mental and perceptive territories.

Support provided by the American-Scandinavian Foundation and the Consulate General of Sweden