2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

In his first American performance, Joe Banks of Disinformation performs Sense Data & Perception with live and pre-recorded radio noise. He also shows a new video, The Air Pump, made in tribute to the artwork of the same name by the 18th century painter Joseph Wright. The video features high-voltage discharges through cold plasma vacuum tubes, and was made especially for this Lampo program.

Joe Banks (b.1974, England) is a London-based artist. Since 1995, his Disinformation research, installation and sound art projects have involved radio noise from camera flashes and welding equipment, electrical and solar-magnetic storms, alternating current, electromagnets, domestic appliances, industrial and information technology hardware, visual documentation of obsolete British military sound mirrors, and studies of various aspects of aesthetics, morphology and acoustic perception. In Rorschach Audio, a project begun in 1999 that encompasses research and audio-visual artworks, he conducts a detailed inquiry into the history of aural illusions and gathers possible explanations.

Disinformation has performed and exhibited at Kiasma (Helsinki), the Hayward Gallery (London), Kettle’s Yard (Cambridge), the Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Dom (Moscow), NTT ICC (Tokyo), the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona and London’s Royal Institution. Six solo exhibitions include shows at the Huddersfield Art Gallery, Q Arts (Derby), Quay Arts (Isle of Wight) and Fabrica (Brighton). In 2001 Banks curated The Rumble, an exhibition on the theme of morphology at the Royal Society of British Sculptors.