Florian Hecker & Yasunao Tone


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Collaborative and solo works from Hecker, emerging German artist, and Tone, founding Fluxus member.

Together, in their first U.S. performance, they present Palimpsest, a piece using layers of sound from Tone’s Man’yo material. Hecker also plays a new version of his Stocha Acid Vlook, and Tone performs Solo for Wounded Man’yo #11/2002.

Tone also presents his multimedia project Molecular Music (1982-85) for sound and film. Here, light-sensors arranged by the artist on the surface of a screen interpret the visual form of a projected image of ancient Chinese and Japanese poems and send that information to a sound-producing device.

Florian Hecker (b.1975, Augsburg, Germany) is a composer of electronic music, known for his superb releases on Mego and OR and his project cd_slopper.

Yasunao Tone (b.1935, Tokyo, Japan) has been active in creating “event” works and experimental music since the 60s and has been an organizer and participant in Fluxus, Group Ongaku and Hi-Red Center.

For the past twenty years much of Tone’s work has focused on extending the possibilities of CDs as a performance medium. He transforms or “wounds” a previous composition of his by applying small pieces of tape to the CD surface and randomly overriding the player’s error mechanism. He also has conducted ongoing software research in transforming the Chinese characters from Man’yoshu, an 8th century anthology of Japanese poetry, into corresponding digital sounds, thus the Man’yo Wounded works for which he received the Ars Electronica Golden Nica in 2002.

Support provided by the Goethe-Institut Chicago