Jessica Rylan


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Jessica Rylan (aka Can’t) overlays voice and DIY electronics to make music “as warm and direct as an autumn campfire.” Here, she calls forth sounds from the Natural Synthesizer, one of her recently completed homemade synths. Think: tree branches waving in the wind or frogs croaking. Spin: “New Secret” (RRR) her superb picture disc and so-called noise album.

Jessica Rylan (b.1974, London, England) is a sound artist and electronic musician who lives and performs in the Boston area, where she grew up. The main focus of her work has been the design and construction of modular synthesizers that use analog electronic circuits. She uses her synthesizers in installations at galleries (LIST Gallery for Visual Arts at MIT, the Boston Center for Contemporary Art, Bard College) and also in her high-energy musical performances.