Joe Colley


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Drone lovers and lovers of all kinds celebrate as Joe Colley, formerly Crawl Unit, premieres new work for microphones and speakers, voice, cassette recorders and mixer. The California-based artist uses primitive electronics, massing cassette loops and feedback. In his Chicago debut, he also performs Claysound, amplifying the sound of dried clay absorbing water.

Anticipate a wide range of dynamics and corresponding mental states. In Colley’s work, menacing tones abruptly turn silent—a coded reference to dull nihilism, or on a good day, tranquility.

Joe Colley (b.1972, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) is a self-taught sound artist from Sacramento. His lo-fi experiments encompass abstract electronic composition as well as amplification of natural phenomena. Recent releases include Desperate Attempts at Beauty (Auscultare Research), Anthem (C.I.P.) and a collaborative project with Francisco López, Knowing When to Not Know (Antifrost). In addition to performing, Colley also runs the label Povertech Industries, releasing material by Michael Prime, Éliane Radigue and CM von Hausswolff.