Joe Grimm

Columbia College

916 South Wabash Avenue, Room 214
Chicago, Illinois 60605

Joe Grimm presents ALIAS (for Kathryn), a new work using a handful of circuit-bent 16mm projectors, light-sensitive audio electronics and a white ceiling fan mounted on a board, where the flickering light and spinning fan blades modulate sound and color.

Joe Grimm (b.1978, Safety Harbor, Fla.) is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist working primarily with light and sound. In his performances, sculptures, videos and constructed situations, he appropriates material from enlightenment-era metaphysics, contemporary pop music, and the troubled legacy of minimalism—insisting always on the centrality of sheer sensory pleasure. Grimm studied philosophy at Yale University before receiving a graduate degree in experimental music composition at Brown University and an M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Collaborators and associates include Lauren Carter, Lucky Dragons, Glenn Branca, Alvin Lucier, Dirty Projectors, Lightning Bolt and experimental filmmaker Ben Russell. His work has been shown at institutions such as CAPC Bordeaux, La Casa Encendida in Madrid, Bezalel Gallery in Tel Aviv and MCA Chicago.

Organized in cooperation with Columbia College, Department of Audio Arts and Acoustics