Kapotte Muziek & Goem


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Dutch artists Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks and Roel Meelkop perform together with two distinct approaches.

De Waard started Kapotte Muziek—the name translates as “broken music”—back in 1984 as a solo project, exploring a primitive musique concrète. Here, they recycle prerecorded acoustic sounds with noise from manipulated found objects. As Goem they loop and layer electronic pulses into tense repeating patterns, using a device called a “student stimulator” that Meelkop found in a thrift store in 1996. De Waard and Meelkop also perform solo sets.

First Chicago appearances by de Waard and Duimelinks in nearly a decade; Meelkop makes his local debut.

Frans de Waard (b.1961, Nijmegen, The Netherlands) has been producing music since 1984. First as Kapotte Muziek, but throughout the years he also has worked as Beequeen (with Freek Kinkelaar), Goem (with Roel Meelkop and Peter Duimelinks, both of whom are members of Kapotte Muziek), and through solo projects Freiband and Shifts. He is part of Staalplaat, an independent record label in Amsterdam and Berlin, and he reviews music for his own publication, Vital.

Peter Duimelinks’ music activities date back to the mid 1980s, in a time in which he co-founded the musique concrète group THU20. He is also a member of the improvisation trio Kapotte Muziek and electronic pulse trio Goem. He has collaborated extensively with visual artists, film and video makers and contemporary dance choreographers, and has had several exhibitions of sound installations. He runs the v2_archief label and the audio.nl label.

Roel Meelkop (b.1963, Tegelen, The Netherlands) musical activities date back to the early 1980s when he started THU20, together with Jac van Bussel, Peter Duimelinks, Jos Smolders and Guido Doesborg. The working method of THU20 included many discussions about how to compose and why. This period was crucial in forming his ideas about sound, but it was not until the mid 1990s that he was able to fully realize these concepts. The purchase of a sampler and later a computer radically changed his approach, offering more control and freedom. He also works with Kapotte Muziek and Goem, together with Frans de Waard and Peter Duimelinks, and organizes sound events, mostly in Rotterdam. Aside from releases, Meelkop creates site-specific sound installations and performance pieces in collaboration with other artists.

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