M. Behrens


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

In his first U.S. performance, Marc Behrens presents new sound compositions and shows selected video works. He screens an updated version of Summation 0.3, a documentary of his major projects from 1991 to date, and then premieres Collateral Generator of Forms, a video made in Chicago in the days preceding the concert.

Marc Behrens (b.1970, Darmstadt, German) creates delicate and beautiful electronic music from edited and processed field recordings made in mountain forests, building interiors, subway trains and construction sites, and with additional sound material from manipulated objects, like rubber balls and blocks of wood. In concert he also uses contact microphones to play parts of the performance space or his body. He has presented sound works and exhibited multimedia installations throughout Europe and Japan. His recent releases have appeared on Trente Oiseaux, Digital Narcis, and Raster Music-Noton, with forthcoming recordings on U.S. labels ‘Edition…’ and Intransitive. Behrens lives in Frankfurt.

Support provided by the Goethe-Institut Chicago