Steven Warwick

Rebuild Foundation

Stony Island Arts Bank
6760 South Stony Island Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60649

New audiovisual work from artist Steven Warwick, including material from Nadir.

Nadir fuses reflective poetics with diaristic snapshots and fragmented melodies recorded during a residency in Los Angeles. The work captures the tensions, unease and uncertainty in a contemporary setting. Here, Warwick presents a new live show with visuals in which he reworks the material in real time, in a similar manner to his previous Heatsick project—loops and rhythms are stretched and worked out on the dance floor with a focus on the human voice to dizzying and psychedelic effect.

Steven Warwick (b.1981, Boston, England) is an artist, musician and writer based in Berlin. His practice includes durational performance installations, plays and films, using the construction of situations and language. He also makes music as Heatsick and under his own name—the latest release, Nadir, appeared recently on PAN. He has exhibited and performed throughout the United States and Europe at venues including Exile Galerie, Berlin; ICA, London; the Modern Institute, Glasgow; MoMA/PS1, New York; MUTEK, Montreal; the Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin; New Theater, Berlin; and Unsound Festival, Krakow. His writings have appeared in Texte zur Kunst, Urbanomic and Electronic Beats.

Presented in partnership with Rebuild Foundation

Artist Talk: Writer Nora Khan joins Steven Warwick for a lecture and performance reading. In Fear Indexing the X-Files, they analyze key episodes of the television series to address the evolving climate of fear during the Clinton-Bush years, which also marked the birth of the commercial internet and a new era of networked communication. Khan and Warwick share their research, featuring images, clips and ephemera they have compiled. Lampo Annex, Monadnock Building, 53 W. Jackson Blvd. #1656. Friday, December 1, 6pm.

Supported by a grant from the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation