TV Pow


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

New four-channel work from TV Pow, under the title Celebrating 11 Years of Good Decisions.

Chicago musicians Brent Gutzeit, Michael Hartman and Todd A. Carter present two sets—one set of acoustic improvisation for drums, piano and 20-string bass (Gutzeit’s invented instrument), along with select electronic elements; the other set with more of an electronic focus, with synthesizers, computers, broken electronics, field recordings and real-time sound sources from the immediate surroundings (i.e., a microphone in the hallway).

TV Pow was formed in Tokyo in 1995 by Michael Hartman (b.1970, Sterling Heights, Mich.) and Brent Gutzeit (b.1971, Flint, Mich.), and later joined by Carter (b.1971, Pontiac, Mich.), when he moved from Kalamazoo to Chicago.

TV Pow first appeared in the Lampo series in March 2002, when they joined Jazzkammer in the Norwegian duo’s U.S. debut.