Ulrich Krieger


216 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60654

Ulrich Krieger premieres R.A.W.—a new solo program for amplified tenor sax and live electronics, written for this Lampo performance and his Chicago debut. Sub-bass drones, sharp noise attacks, saxophone-controlled pitched feedback and extended playing techniques, ranging from thick wall-of-sound to sparse reductionism. He calls his style of playing “acoustic electronics.” Sound is produced on acoustic instruments and then sometimes treated electronically.

Ulrich Krieger (b.1962, Freiburg, Germany) is a composer, performer, improviser and experimental rock musician. His main instruments are saxophones, clarinets, didgeridoo and electronics. He is perhaps best known for transcribing Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music for the chamber orchestra zeitkratzer in 2002. As a member of that ensemble he also has performed noise music by Merzbow, Zbigniew Karkowski and John Duncan, scored for and faithfully reproduced by classical instruments. Additional projects include the John Cage-focused quartet A Cage of Saxophones; and Text of Light, a group including Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht and Christian Marclay that improvises soundtracks to avant-garde films. Other collaborations include Phill Niblock, Kasper T. Toeplitz and LaMonte Young. Since 2007 he has lived in Los Angeles, where he is a member of the CalArts music faculty.