Lampo @ 20 YRS

Today we are excited to announce the Lampo Fall/Winter 2017 season of programs—and we’re also proud to be marking our 20th anniversary. Lampo was founded in the fall of 1997. Throughout 2017-18 we will celebrate the milestone in different ways. And while we plan to reflect on the past a bit, here’s to what we know will be another season of highlights:

On September 16, Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus as LoVid return for their first Lampo performance since 2010; with support from mediaThe foundation inc. The husband-wife duo presents Mesh Extenders, a new group of interconnected compositions made for their handmade analog synthesizers along with video (Graham Foundation).

This year Lampo continues its partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial. For the 2017 installment, we have commissioned composer Mark Fell to create a new multi-channel work. On September 29 in Preston Bradley Hall, the UK artist premieres Seven Facts In Logical Space. Conceived as a sonic framework for the Chicago bassoonist and improviser Katherine Young, the piece develops Fell’s concern with the spatial distribution of synthetic sound in response to the architectural environment and the interplay of geometries (Chicago Cultural Center).

In October, Japanese artist and founding Fluxus member Yasunao Tone performs new work embracing and then corrupting artificial intelligence software, developed for him by a team of researchers that includes Mark Fell (October 14, Graham Foundation). On November 18, Los Angeles-based artist John Wiese performs a new four-channel composition, Time Column (Graham Foundation). Our season concludes in December with Steven Warwick—aka Heatsick. Here, he presents an audiovisual performance for Lampo and Rebuild Foundation, with a live reworking of material from his Nadir project that brings his loops and rhythms to the Stony Island Arts Bank (Dec 2).