Grampo @ 10 YRS

Today Lampo announces its WS20 season, which begins in late February with new work from Chicago artist Whitney Johnson (aka Matchess) and concludes in June with a special performance by the Jessica Pavone String Ensemble, as we also celebrate 10 years of Lampo at the Graham Foundation. In between, we bring you new projects from … Continued


Lampo director Andrew Fenchel and musician Steve Hauschildt will talk about experimental music and conduct a hands-on workshop at Apple Michigan Avenue on Saturday, January 25 at 2:00 p.m. Steve also will perform a short set. Music Lab: Sonic Landscapes with Lampo and Steve Hauschildt. Details here.

Big & Little

Lampo is very pleased to announce its FW19 season of programs—with special new projects from artists Sarah Davachi, Laura Steenberge, Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, Caterina Barbieri, Catherine Lamb and Rebecca Lane. On October 5, Sarah Davachi premieres a new long-form composition for pipe organ and two French horns, in the soaring interior of Rockefeller Chapel. … Continued

Waxing Walker

Lampo director Andrew Fenchel looks back at Resonance: A Sound Art Marathon at the Walker Art Center, in this review for the Walker Reader. The May 2019 festival, organized by Pavel Pyś and Doug Benidt, included artists Philip Blackburn, Christine Sun Kim, Walter Kitundu, … Continued

WS19 at Last

Today Lampo announces its WS19 season, featuring projects by artists Florian Hecker, Peter Rehberg, James Hoff, Jon Davies and DeForrest Brown Jr., and Anthony Pateras—with five special performances across Chicago, at the Poetry Foundation, the Graham Foundation, and the new Green Line Performing Arts Center in the city’s Washington Park neighborhood. Lampo WS19 begins in … Continued


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Madison Greenstone first picked up the clarinet at age nine. Before they had learned to sight-read, they joined a klezmer band at their childhood temple, in a suburb of San Francisco. Although they consider themselves non-practicing today, Greenstone remains fascinated by “the mystical or arcane aspects of Judaism”—an interest that inspired their exstatic resonances for solo clarinet that draw on Greenstone’s ongoing studies in phenomenology, self-generative music, and kabbalistic thought.

In CALCULUS, Greenstone lays out the textual, philosophical, and poetic influences on their solo practice. Throughout, they discuss the various artists and thinkers who have informed their work, including Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Éliane Radigue, David Tudor, Massimo Cacciari, Henry Flynt, Z’ev, and others.

“I will try to illuminate some of the deeper undercurrents of meaning that enliven the whole system,” explains Greenstone in CALCULUS.

“Not only by writing about the sonic qualities of my instrumental practice, but by writing through it with a process that is similar to my practice in sound: iterative, circling the same moment of instigation, keeping ambivalences in active play.”

Madison Greenstone performs widely as a soloist and chamber musician. They are the clarinetist of TAK Ensemble, and a founding member of the [Switch~ Ensemble]. Trained in contemporary classical performance, they have learned greatly from the mentorship of Anthony Burr and Charles Curtis at UC San Diego. Greenstone lives in Brooklyn.


  • 28 pages
  • 5 x 8 inches
  • Saddle-stitched; risograph
  • Edition of 150
  • May 2024