Andrea Belfi


216 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60654

Drummer Andrea Belfi is one of the leading lights in Italy’s minimal rock underground. Here, in his U.S. debut, he presents a solo concert for percussion and electronics.

Belfi uses a basic drum set, surrounded by synthesizers, a loop station, some contact microphones and a harmonica. Acoustic and electronic elements intertwine. As on his release Knots (Die Schactel), he shapes rhythmic patterns in cycles. He has developed a strong spatial sense characterized by a crystal clear cymbal tone, deep, warm bass drum, drone-like electronica and a never-ending groove.

Andrea Belfi (b.1979, Verona, Italy) has been playing drums since the age of 14. He studied art in Milan and has been working in the field of experimental music since 2000. On his earlier solo record, Between Neck & Stomach (Häpna), he activates (Valerio Tricoli’s) house as musical instrument—using frequencies to shake a cupboard filled with pots and pans, recording that clatter and mixing it with guitar, melodica and voice. Collaborators include Stefano Pilia, Giuseppe Ielasi, Valerio Tricoli, Claudio Roccheti, Dean Roberts and Alessandro Bosetti. Belfi also plays in rock band Rosolina Mar and electroacoustic duo Christa Pfangen.