Dean Roberts & Glenn Kotche


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

In this second of two local concerts, guitarist Dean Roberts and drummer Glenn Kotche play music adapted from Dean’s recent And the Black Moths Play the Grand Cinema (Ritornell), which was recorded last year in New York City with contributions by Tim Barnes, Matt Valentine, and Charles Curtis.

Here, passages of drone, rock rhythms and psychedelic squall combine with occasional vocals. The organic material recalls and in some cases references the work of Brian Eno.

Dean Roberts (b.1975, New Zealand) began his career in the mid-1990s as a member of the post punk rock trio Thela with Rosy Parlane and Dion Workman, and has since evolved into a guitar and laptop improviser, recording under the name White Winged Moth. His most recent release is the new Aluminium (Erstwhile), an album of improvised duets with Viennese multi-instrumentalist Werner Dafeldecker.

Glenn Kotche (b.1970, Roselle, Ill.) is a Chicago drummer. Through his late 90s work with Edith Frost, Kotche met Jim O’Rourke and was enlisted by Jim to play on his Eureka album (Drag City, 1999) with New York percussionist Tim Barnes, St. Louis bassist Darin Gray, and other Chicago improvisers. Earlier this year, Kotche formed an improv duo with Barnes and an experimental percussion and bass duo with Gray called On Fillmore.