Damion Romero


216 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60654

Beautiful sub-frequency drones from Los Angeles-based Damion Romero.

He achieves a complex effect with a surprisingly simple set-up and composition. Romero’s instruments are two small boxes he describes as feedback machines that create oscillations within. In his Chicago debut, he will use these self-built devices in combination with tone generators and the Lampo sound system to create vibrations against and with the resonance of the performance space.

Damion Romero (b.1970, Los Angeles, Calif.) has been actively recording, performing and organizing events in the L.A. area since the early 90s, working under the moniker Speculum Fight and now in his own name. Recent collaborators include Hiroshi Hasegawa (as Astromero), John Wiese (as Waves), John Olson (as Speculum Spyked), Daniel Menche and Zbigniew Karkowski. He also runs the P-Tapes label.