Damion Romero

The Renaissance Society

Bond Chapel
1025 East 58th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60637

L.A. artist Damion Romero premieres Quartet, his first proper four-channel live performance piece, using a new instrument of his own design.

Romero doesn’t often talk about the workings of his homemade devices, preferring to leave the focus on their effect. However, he describes his new box as “a four-voice physical vibration harmonic resonator,” similar to many of his previous instruments (“acoustic elements modulated by magnetism and acoustic vibration”) but more refined.

Damion Romero (b.1970, Los Angeles, Calif.) is a sound artist working with amplified physical vibration. Known for his use of low frequency, Romero creates a tactile environment of tones, patterns, pulses and drones with a system of self-built devices, power amplifiers and the performance space itself. Collaborators include Hiroshi Hasegawa (as Astromero), John Wiese (as Waves), John Olson (as Speculum Spyked), Daniel Menche and Zbigniew Karkowski.

Romero last performed at Lampo in November 2008, in his Chicago debut.

Presented in partnership with the Renaissance Society