Francisco López


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Spanish sound artist Francisco López (b.1964, Madrid, Spain) creates minimalist electronic music with processed environmental recordings. He makes these recordings all over the world, conducting his vast field activity in over 30 countries on four continents. However, López does not pursue a documentary goal with his work. Instead, sounds from the tropical and sub-tropical forests of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Senegal, Gambia and China are processed until they are mostly unrecognizable. Noises from plants, animals, insects and weather are transformed into elusive mechanical whirs, and the ambient music shifts from the limits of perception to extremes of sonic power.

To date, his prolific catalog comprises more than 100 sound works, which have been released by 60 record labels, including Mego, Staalplaat, Trente Oiseaux, Sonoris, and Table of the Elements. He has toured extensively throughout Europe, the Americas and Japan, but has never performed in Chicago. Lampo is pleased to present the Chicago debut of Francisco López.

Support provided by the Instituto Cervantes, Chicago