Jeff Witscher

Lampo Annex

Monadnock Building
53 West Jackson Boulevard #1656
Chicago, Illinois 60604

Jeff Witscher aka Rene Hell premieres new music for Lampo—and for a small number of people.

The Portland artist offers a multi-part live computer work, with an epic narrative that unfolds over eight hours per day, across two days, including elements for piano, radio and rewired text-to-speech software. Each section of the work is offered as a 25-minute, one-on-one listening experience, where Witscher performs only for you.

Jeff Witscher (b.1983, Long Beach, Calif.) currently manages his own custodial and maintenance company Vincent’s Expert Cleaners in Portland, Ore. He has recorded under many different names, Rene Hell perhaps being the most known. He is an avid chess player and spends most of his time working, cleaning and reading. He focuses on making sound compositions with his computer, merging organic field recordings with computer-generated synthesis, and attempting strong narratives for his live performances. He is currently working on an LP for Alter. Recent solo recordings include Approximately 1,000 Beers (2018), Fy Monkey Sisaj Kura (2017), Cob Music (2016), Bifurcating a Resounding No! (2014), Meclu (2013) and Vanilla Call Option (2013).

In October 2014 Jeff Witscher premiered Bifurcating a Resounding No! for Lampo.

This new work is part of an occasional series, where artists offer short, person-to-person performances, constrained by the space of our 10 x 20 foot office. Attendance will be extremely limited. More information about booking to follow