Rene Hell

The Graham Foundation

Madlener House
4 West Burton Place
Chicago, Illinois 60610

Rene Hell premieres Bifurcating a Resounding No! The latest project from Rene née Jeff draws from years of recorded sounds (acoustic instruments, field recordings and voice), collected in cities across the U.S. and shaped with various digital techniques, to make one new weird work.

Jeff Witscher a.k.a. Rene Hell (b.1983, Long Beach, Calif.) is a visual artist, avid chess player and music obsessive, who has explored a variety of underground styles since his teens. His aesthetic choices, expressed over dozens of recordings released under many pseudonyms, have anticipated the shifts in U.S. experimental music spanning the last decade. Most recently, he received acclaim for synth albums Porcelain Opera and The Terminal Symphony (Type), a 2012 split release with Oneohtrix Point Never, and his newest recording, Vanilla Call Option (PAN). Witscher’s M.O. is peripatetic—roving styles, changing monikers and wide-ranging influences. Travel is central to Vanilla Call Option too, with its digital palette constructed on the move between airports, performance spaces and public libraries, to evoke the musique concrète of Bernard Parmegiani and computer music of Charles Dodge. Jeff Witscher lives in Los Angeles.

Presented in partnership with the Graham Foundation