Peter Rehberg & Marcus Schmickler


216 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60654

R/S—the duo—in its first live performance anywhere in the world.

Peter Rehberg (b.1968, London, England) co-founded the influential Mego label in 1994, and soon after began recording under the name Pita. His first solo release, Seven Tons for Free, came out in 1996, melding noise with techno. Since then he’s continued in this path, both as a solo artist and in groups such as KTL, Rehberg & Bauer, MIMEO and Fenn O’Berg. In 1999 he received the Prix Ars Electronica Distinction Award for Digital Musics alongside Christian Fennesz. Recently, he’s been primarily focused on working with KTL (with Stephen O’Malley) as well as dance and performance pieces (with Gisèle Vienne). He also runs the Editions Mego label in Vienna.

Rehberg also appeared at Lampo in March 2003, when he performed the U.S. premiere of Get Off.

Marcus Schmickler (b.1968, Cologne, Germany) has been involved with numerous projects over the past decade. While rooted in electronic music, Schmickler also has a background in contemporary composition, having studied under prominent Stockhausen collaborator Johannes Fritsch. As a solo artist, Schmickler has created important works such as Wabi Sabi, Sator Rotas and Param, as well as under the name Pluramon. He also has long-standing electroacoustic collaborative projects, most notably with Thomas Lehn, both in duo and in trio with Keith Rowe, and a duo with British pianist John Tilbury. He is based in Cologne.

Schmickler appeared in the Lampo series in December 2007, with the U.S. premiere of his computer music work Altars of Science; in September 2005 with Thomas Lehn; and solo in September 2002.