Marcus Schmickler


2116 West Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Lampo begins its fall 2002 season, and the first of three new projects with young German artists, by bringing Cologne-based Marcus Schmickler to Chicago.

Here Schmickler performs two four-channel works. In <22-gliders>rule, he makes electronic treatments of a string quartet with software modeled on cellular automata. United Untitled is a new piece created with synthetic sounds.

Marcus Schmickler (b.1968, Cologne, Germany) has been involved with numerous projects, including the seminal group Kontakta. As a solo artist, he has created important works such as Wabi Sabi, Sator Rotas and Param, as well as three recording projects under the name Pluramon. While rooted in electronic music, he also has a background in contemporary composition, having studied under Stockhausen collaborator Johannes Fritsch. Schmickler also has worked in the house and techno scenes, both on his own and with musicians such as Thomas Brinkmann and Cristian Vogel.

Support provided by the Goethe-Institut Chicago